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I am Josh Spires // DroneNR.
Photo, Video & Graphic Design
Based in Perth, Australia.









About Me //

Ever since I got my hands on technology, I have been fascinated with it. From taking apart gadgets that I would get to flying drones.

DroneNR started back in 2012 on Twitter sharing the latest drone news with the world. Over the 5 year period we have continued to share the latest drone news with the world, while exploring new possiblities. These include creating a drone creation tool (similar to, a drone market place and now to aerial drone work. Until we get our next great idea we will continue to offer aerial photography and videography!

Services //

I offer various services that are sure to make you happy! Need custom work done? Contact us for a quote.

  • Videography

    I offer a wide range of videography work from aerial, using drones, to hand-held. Video editing is also offered.

  • Photography

    I offer a wide range of photography work from aerial, using drones, to hand-held. Photo editing is also offered.

  • Graphic Design

    I offer a wide range of graphic design work from logo creation to adverts.

Portfolio //

Some of the work I have done for companies and personal work.
Looking for custom work? Contact me.

Nature Photography

This is just one of the photos I have taken using a drone.View more

TankyDrone Interview

We had a high interest in the creators behind TankDrone and decided that it would be a great idea to do an interview with them.Watch here


I've had deep connections with 1 Martian Way (IDRL's parent company), as a way to give back to them I decided that I will create their logo and help build their original website.

Music Videos

I have created a few unofficial music videos for various artists around the world.Watch here

Study West

Study West is a study agent that helps international sutdents to get school placements in a new country.View here

Study West

Inexology is a Perth based food and travel blogger.View here

Contact //

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have. Work related or not.

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